Monday, January 21, 2013

Our Introduction to You! Part 2 ^.^

Well, now that you've met the person that makes up one half of "Brenlyn Longtt" I'm sure you are curious as to who the second person really is. So now that you've met my british sounding friend, it's time for you to meet ME.

 My name is Brenden!
Not Brendan. Not Brendon. Brendin. Brendun. And most definitely not Brunden.
To sum the rest of me up, I'm a pretty crazy person, but not nearly as much as Lovelyn. She is just wickedly wack. :P
 As you already know, this is for our "Bucket List" and I'm sure you are just on your seat DYING TO KNOW what sparked the idea of this list. Well to truly understand the story we have to travel back in time. Way back. To prehistoric times. Back when God, or Dinosaurs, or Aliens, or whatever it was created the universe. Amongst space were gases and such and--
Wait a second. Maybe we don't have to go back THAT far. Let's just skip to September of 2011, when I first met my dear friend Lovelyn...

8th Period- Speech Class- Room #Don'tCare
I stroll up into class, but no one was in there yet, not even our teacher (Mrs. Quick). I go to my seat when this hilarious kid, Donovan, walked up into class and decided he was going to chase me around the classroom. Yeah, we are that crazy. I can remember him throwing a book at me for no apparent reason, when out of no where this girl walks in. (SPOILER ALERT* the girl is Lovelyn ;))
 I yell, "HEY, tell Donovan he is anal!" She gives me this awkward stare, but within moments she turns to Donovan and says, "Donovan, you ARE ANAL."
After a few moments of hysterical laughing, Lovelyn and I became friends. I sat next to her and we talked and laughed and constantly got in trouble. Mrs. Quick's themes were dreadful. And along the way during that semester, we created a facebook profile named Tayble Witt Fore Leggs, and messed with people, we continuously called Donovan anal, never paid attention in class, performed hilarious peanut butter and jelly sandwich speeches, and finally (probably the most important) we came up with our bucket list.
And it all started with the idea of Chocolate Spaghetti.

So now you know. And if none of this made you think we were crazy, or made you laugh then you sir, or ma'am, are a soul-less creature of the underworld with no sense of humor. Good Day.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Our Introduction to You!

"Brenlyn Longtt" 
is a persona made up of two friends (hence the weird two faces picture thing) who spontaneously came up with an idea to create a high-school bucket list, whilst not paying attention to their speech class, in turn getting the dreadful themes (forced to write a certain amount, explaining why talking during class is bad) and other things of that nature.

We're making an intro, because, welllll.. Let us be honest, it's pretty likely that you'll be needing one, we can get pretty confusing. Neither Brenden, nor I, have EVER done anything even remotely like a blog. So, please be kind and bear with us as we go along. :) 

My name is Lovelyn.
And yes, Lovelyn is my REAL name.
-No, it really isn't a nickname.
-Yes, it's seriously on my birth certificate.
Now that that's over with, I guess I should talk about our "High-School Bucket List" ... The bucket list came about as we were messing around in speech class trying to do everything but, our actual assignments. What little rebels we were, right? Haha. Somewhere between getting punished with the dreadful "themes" and being moved around the classroom like a game of Tetris, we managed to come up with a pretty lengthy, pretty funny, pretty EXCITING, High-School Bucket List.

Tomorrow, Brenden will probably introduce himself and talk about it as well. He and pretty much anyone else is a better talker than I am. Hope I didn't bore y'all to death. X).

Pretty soon we'
ll have a post of out bucket list
Then, have a blog and pictures for each one we complete! I'm graduating in mere months, so it's going to get intense! Haha. If you guys have any ideas for something to go on the list, feel free to comment! :). I'm so excited. :D:D:D:D:D